So what’s this thing about, anyway?


Wow, sorry! I didn’t mean to create this page and then vanish! I started this post 19 days ago (thanks, WordPress), but then we got our editing report back from our publisher with a very tight deadline! Whew, this author stuff is legit!

So anyway, you know who we are and that we wrote a book. But what is the book about?

As I mentioned, On the Edge of My World is an edgy young adult novel. We refer to it as “edgy” because there are mature themes, such as drug and alcohol use, sex, depression, and suicide. The book was inspired by things that we saw while we were in high school and college. We know that these subjects are not for everyone, and that the might even be offensive to some, but our goal is to be an example to teens and young adults that are dealing with some of these issues. We want to show them that they are not alone, that suicide is not the answer, and that they can overcome the obstacles that seem so insurmountable.

Our book’s main character is Penelope Francis Padget–called Penny by her family but known as Pepper Spray to her friends (for her quick temper and sharp wit). Pepper has faced a lot of challenges in during her small-town life in fictitious Vernon Hills, Indiana. She’s been abused, abandoned by her mother, and ostracized by schoolmates. Pepper and her twin brother Bennett escape their troubled lives in unhealthy ways. Bennett struggled to hide his sexuality while Pepper dealt with anxiety and stress by cutting herself.

Eventually, the two closely bonded siblings made a suicide pact. They had entered the world together and decided to leave it together as well. They slit each others wrists and waited to die.

Bennett did die. But Penelope didn’t. As she recovers, Pepper decides to try to overcome  her addictions and start fresh, but this proves difficult. Temptation is everywhere, from her hard-partying friends, the Misfits, to the forbidden crush on her literature teacher, Mr. Samuels.

Pepper tries to clean up her act, encouraged by Mr. Samuels and his straight edge ways. She finds herself confused between her intense infatuation for her teacher, and rekindled feelings for Bennett’s best friend Tommy. She struggles against her past and to believe that there is a future worth looking forward to.

Will Pepper overcome her inner demons? Will she end up with Mr. Samuels or Tommy? Can she move on after so much loss?

You’ll have to check out the book to find out!  Release date coming soon!


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