Our Cover Image


By now, you’ve seen our cover image. It took us a long time to come up with a cover design for our book. We wanted something impactful, but not off-putting. We were hesitant to put the blade on the cover, honestly. In the end, we decided that it is a strong image, but is very significant in our story. Pepper overcomes her battle, but it will be a daily struggle. We want to address the image and the struggle behind it head-on. Control is something that all people struggle with in life, and it truly can be a battle fought on a razor’s edge.

15 days until On the Edge of My World is released! You can currently pre-order the book with our publisher, Black Rose Writing and on Barnes and Noble. We are also showing up on Amazon, although we aren’t available for pre-order there–yet! See the links below!

Also, we’ve been getting some questions about an Ebook–Edge WILL be available in an Ebook format! The ebook should be available approximately one week after the initial paperback release. Stay tuned!


Amazon Amazon (sign up to receive an email when the title is available for order!)

Barnes & Noble

Black Rose Writing


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